Someone Wedged a Pig's Head into a Canal Park Statue After Rowdy Duluth Concert

Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival got a little weird

Duluth's Homegrown Music Festival got a little weird

Last week the 17th annual Homegrown Music Festival was held in Duluth. What started as a kick-ass party in 1999 has grown into a massive, weeklong festival featuring 200 bands playing every conceivable venue in town.

One band that plays Homegrown every year is the locally infamous Bratwurst, which summons a deep dive into the uncomfortably bizarre. Imagine heavy guitar riffs backed by improvised metal clanking, power tools, and lots of yelling -- then having raw meat chucked at you. That's Bratwurst.

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Bratwurst played Grandma's Sports Garden last Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning around 7:30, Vitta Pizza owner Brad Erickson came across a strange sight. Someone had wedged a severed pig's head used in the Bratwurst show into a statue next to his Canal Park pizza shop.

"Canal Park is such as tourist destination, so my first thought was, 'I better take that down right now,'" he says.

Duluth sent city workers to hose down the statue, according to Northland's News Center.

Erickson says he was certainly surprised, especially because he didn't know Bratwurst was playing, but he says he wasn't mad about the ordeal.

Bratwurst, for what it's worth, addressed the incident on Facebook.

For the record.. Bratwurst is a performance art band. We do use meat as part of our live act. We did not encourage or promote what happened in Canal Park. Not only are we artists, we respect other peoples art.

Posted by Bratwurst on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Homegrown is a really cool thing for Duluth," says Erickson. "I don't know how many small communities do a music festival like this. It really puts Duluth on the map and I'm for anything that supports local bands."

Even Bratwurst?

"It's performance rock, or whatever they call it," he says. "I've never seen them, they're not really my thing, and the pig was just odd. But you know, it only took a couple minutes and it was gone."

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