Somebody forgot the peace pipe

When Arthur "Archie" LaRose was re-elected as the secretary-treasurer of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe last month, he vowed to get along with his colleagues on the Tribal Council. To be sure, some gesture of conciliation was in order. After all, just last summer LaRose's fellow council members kicked him out of office--putting to an end his acrimonious, two year stint as the band's second highest ranking elected official.



In the wake of his successful re-election bid, LaRose suspected that trying times lay ahead. Perhaps that explains why he chose to tape record his first meeting with the council.  The transcript of the 18 minute interaction--reprinted in the March 4 issue of the Native American Press/Ojibwe News--is replete with all manner of recriminations and accusations. But the opening salvo pretty much says it all:


Council member Archie LaRose: Good morning there, fellows. Nice to be back.


Council member Luke Wilson: Fuck you.

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