Some Metrodome seats were dismantled by fans following finale [PHOTO]

As the photo at the top of this post indicates, there were tons of security guards working yesterday's Vikings game, which will go down in history as the last event held at the Metrodome.

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Officials were doing everything possible to prevent a repeat of what happened following the last Vikings game at Met Stadium in December 1980, where fans surged down from the grandstands to dismantle goalposts and cause a ruckus in general (see video of that here).

Yesterday's law-and-order effort was mostly successful. Today's Star Tribune cover sums it up:

But some fans were nonetheless able to exit the Dome with illicit souvenirs:

If you didn't bring a screwdriver and lots of liquid courage to the Vikings finale but would still like to obtain a (whole) Dome seat, you can find out how to buy one here. The blue plastic monstrosities classics cost upwards of $60.

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