Some jerk reportedly leaving glass-laced treats at Crow Hassan dog park

Who would do such a thing?
Who would do such a thing?

Some jerk is reportedly making a late bid for Biggest Ass of the Year by leaving dog treats laced with broken glass in the Three Rivers Park District's Crown Hassan off-leash dog park.

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Park officials say they haven't been able to confirm anything, but have heard reports of glass-laced treats in September, October, and December 17.

From KSTP:

Officer L.T. Cross with the Three Rivers Park Police says the first call came in last summer, "In September of this year we had a situation, some folks called in, they had some suspicious activity that they had found here in the parking lot. They called us and we came out to take a look and investigate." Officer Cross says police were told about meat and dog food mixed with broken glass. "Well the concern would be that someone is intentionally trying to cause harm to someone's animal, someone's pet."...

Officer Cross says Three Rivers Park Police will watch the park closely and asks for the public's help, "We are just encouraging people that if they see things like this to call 9-1-1 and let us know right away and stay on scene if it's safe to do so, so we can come out and investigate."

A Patch report quotes a park official as stressing, "It is important to note that we have been unable to confirm those reports," but nonetheless, the official says they're taking them seriously.

There are eight off-leash dog parks in the Three Rivers system, and Crow Hassan is the only one where such reports have surfaced. But at least while in that park, caution is advised lest your pup end up in a dog-eat-glass shard world of hurt.

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