Some conservatives defending Bachmann

After Rep. Michele Bachmann's statements on MSNBC, the media storm across the country was overwhelming. The conservative bloggers and pundits were surprising quiet. Now, some of the country's top Republicans are distancing themselves from her request for a search of anti-American members of Congress.

Slowly conservatives are coming out of the woodwork to defend Bachmann and also proving their scary views to the rest of the world. It's the media, like always, that is to be blamed for all of this. Oh, and Democrats actually are anti-American.

Check out one of Bachmann's defenders after the jump.

Leo Pusateri at Freedom Dogs is completely willing to jump under the bus to save Bachmann's future in Congress. That's unfortunate.

She's telling the truth about Democrats, didn't you know?

-When the Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat, gets up to the podium and proclaims, "The Iraq war is lost!" in an effort to counteract any positive consequences of an upcoming change in strategy, is that pro-American?

-When "Jihad Jack" Murtha scores a propaganda victory for Jihadists who are killing our soldiers by unjustly and without evidence labelling Marines "cold blooded murderers," is that likewise pro-American?

-When an entire party, in the name of politics, tries to undermine the efforts of our troops in harms' way during wartime, is that pro-American?

-When Obama's long-time self-confessed mentor and pastor of over 20 years stands in the pulpit and screams, "G*D DAMN AMERICA!" is that being pro-American?

-When another long-time Obama Associate, William Ayers, bombs the pentagon and other targets, and later regrets only that he didn't cause more murder and mayhem, is that also pro-American?

Congresswoman Bachmann, you owe no one an apology. What we need is an apology from a biased mainstream media who carries no compunction against serving up a three-day long intensive anal exam against a common citizen known as "Joe the Plumber," yet for the past two years has refused to do even a cursory examination of the life of a man who wishes to be President of the United States.

My fear is that fellow Republicans, if not Michele herself, will go weak-kneed and try to distance themselves from the truth, when the truth itself is needed, now more than ever. Truth is a great disinfectant, and you can tell that the truth is being told when democrats scream, complain, and scurry for cover like so many cockroaches running after the kitchen light is switched on.

It's about freaking time that anti-American democrats were called out for just what they are, Anti-American. And you'll get no apology from me for saying that.

We knew this year's campaigning would get dirty, but the hateful scare tactics are something most of us young folks haven't seen in an election. No matter who wins the Presidency, our country will have a lot of healing and cooperation to work on. I never thought Sen. Norm Coleman's feel-good ads would be so welcoming, but it's sure better than what these other Republicans are spewing.

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