Some astrologists are intellectual cowchips: Comment of the day

Something doesn't smell right.

Something doesn't smell right.

There was a bona fide world wide freakout last week when the Minnesota Planetarium Society opined that everything we knew about the zodiac was wrong.

Then it turned out to be a big to-do about nothing, because the society was talking about a zodiac that nobody in the Western world uses anyway.

"ScienceGuy" figures we all take this way too seriously.


"If astrology is something that should denote particular characteristics about everyone but is being practiced in at least two different manners around the world," the commenter wondered, "doesn't that indicate that at least one form of astrology (and almost definitely the practice in general) is a big, intellectual cowchip? At least this redistricting of signs probably made some believers resign their careless belief that time of year accurately correlates to personality traits."

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