Somali suicide bomber may be 2nd from U.S.


A Somali Web site is claiming that a suicide bomber who participated in an attack on an African Union base in Somali last week may have been from the United States.

If it is true, the man would be the second Somali-American to blow himself up in Somalia. Last year, the Shirwa Ahmed, of Minneapolis, became the first American-Somali to participate in a suicide attack. News reports say that the Seattle FBI is investigating. Here's what the New York Times is reporting:

According to, a mostly Somali-language Web site, the bomber lived in Washington State until 2007, when he left the United States to join the Shabab, a terrorist group with growing ties to Al Qaeda. Several suicide bombers penetrated an African Union base in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, Sept. 17, killing more than 15 peacekeepers, including the second in command of the 5,000-strong African Union mission in Somalia.

The FBI has been investigating the disappearance of several men from the Twin Cities for ties to al-Shabab, a group that the U.S. considers a terrorist organization. Three Somali-American men have pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.