Somali gangs in Minneapolis accused of running sex-traffic ring


The Somali community, already dealing with some of its members' alleged links to the al-Shabaab terrorist group, now has some more bad news.

More than twenty Somalis said to be members of one of a trio of gangs have been arrested in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs on interstate sex-trafficking charges.


Members of the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws face charges including conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children, perjury, obstruction of justice and credit card fraud.

The Tennessean reports that the sex trafficking began in Minnesota in 2005.

AP, citing the indictment, said one of the gangs took a 13-year-old from Minnesota to Columbus to Nashville to perform sex acts. And a 12 year old Somali girl was sexually assaulted and forced into a prostitution operation in a St. Paul apartment.

Here are the sames of those arrested:

  • Abdifitah Jama Adan, aka "Shorty" aka "Faleebo" aka "Kuzzo," age 28
  • Abdullahi Sade Afyare aka "Forehead,"age 19
  • Ahmad Abnulnasir Ahmad aka "Fabulous," age 23
  • Yahya Jamal Ahmed, age 23
  • Abdikarim Osman Ali, aka "Homer" aka "Big Abdi," age 22
  • Musse Ahmed Ali aka "Fat Boy," age 23
  • Hassan Ahmed Dahir aka "Mohamed Ali Hussein," age 21
  • Fadumo Mohamed Farah aka "Naana Naana" aka "Gangster Boo" aka "Barnie," age 25
  • Idris Ibrahim Fahra aka "Chi Town," age 22
  • Yasin Ahmed Farah, age 19Abdullahi Hashi aka "Kamal," age 24
  • Fatah Haji Hashi aka "Jerry" aka "Jr," age 23
  • Abdirahman Abdirazak Hersi aka "Biggie," age 20
  • Muhiyadin Hassan Hussein aka "CD," age 22
  • Dahir Nor Ibrahim aka "Dahir Lucky," age 38
  • Abdifatah Bashir Jama aka "Cash Money" aka "Ohio," age 23
  • Andrew Kayachith aka "AK," age 20
  • Abdigadir Ahmed Khalif aka "Awali," age 24
  • Bashir Yasin Mohamud aka "Br," age 26
  • Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, age 22
  • Fuad Faisal Nur aka "Hanjule," age 24
  • Abdifatah Sharif Omar aka "British" aka "Pinky," age 25
  • Liban Sharif Omar aka "Sunderra," age 21
  • Mohamed Sharif Omar aka "Moe D" aka "Mojo," age 26
  • Hamdi Ali Osman aka "Big Hamdi" aka "Boss Lady," age 22
  • Haji Osman Salad aka "Hollywood," age 20
  • Bibi Ahmed Said, age 19
  • Ahmed Aweys Sheik aka "Rear Hammer" aka "Abdul," age 24
  • Yassin Abdirahman Yusuf aka "Junior" aka "Black Cat Junior," age 21