Socially, Minnesota is way worse than we'd like to admit


Beneath our polite exterior lurks a stony approach to strangers.

Reader Timothy Scott responds to Minnesota Ice: Twin Cities transplants think we're kinda jerks:

This article applies to myself and my last boss too. I've been here almost three years and no matter how much I invite people out, or over for dinner, or anything, the only people that actually ever do hang out are transplants.

I spoke with my last boss about this (he was from outside of the U.S.) and he paused and had a shocked look when he realized that the last new (close) friend he made was 10 years before in college.

I never had such a problem before and have never seen anything like this. Most of the places I've lived, I had many close friends who I'd met just from chatting with somebody at a library, gas station, bar, or wherever.

You didn't have to look for a group, or find a meetup, or put so much effort into it. I don't believe it's natural to have to do research online to figure out how to make close friendships. The only exception to this was Japan, but theirs is also an insular culture.

I love Minneapolis, but socially this place is way worse than the people from here would like to admit. 


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