Social networking late bloomers learn how to use their 'friends', take a dump in style


Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Social networking users who have been playing around on the sites for years know its value as a job hunting tool. Networking, we know how to do it. The newer users of sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are finally catching on. Having a lot of "friends" isn't just about looking cool, it's about using people to your advantage. Duh. Or maybe the Star Tribune is just catching on and blaming older people for being slow.

The Vikings are the worst disappointment ever 
We spent all week rallying to sell out this playoff game so the poorer fans could watch it on TV and avoid the potential blackout. Now we just feel bad for the fans that actually paid to watch this embarrassing team in person. No wonder no one wanted to cheer them on. Better luck next year. 

Should drunken drivers who kill get a second chance?
While driving drunk, Jason Reese killed a man. His sentence? Eight months in jail. Reese was given a second chance and has since been in trouble with the law again. The family who lost a member in the drunk driving accident have had enough and don't want Reese to have another chance to turn his life around. 

There's no need to dread your trek to the outhouse in the woods. Feel sexy while you plop down on that hole in the ground in a specially designed outhouse that feels more like a mini cabin than a room for dumps. 

Local use of mass transit is up, but don't think it's enough to help pay of the system. The sad irony of mass transit is that is depends on funding from the sale of cars, which is in a serious slump. That leaves Metro Transit struggling to keep up with increased ridership and slumping funds. That could mean another 50-cent increase this year to even out costs.