Social media mavens blush as Go Girls show a new way to pee


They've gobbled chocolate-covered bacon at the Minnesota State Fair. They've enjoyed the fruits of Summit Brewing's labors. Now they've watched women go to the bathroom -- standing up. There's never a dull moment for the members of Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The organization sponsors monthly meetings for social media geeks and fans at different venues around the Twin Cities. They usually give their host site some props, and then they hear from a local speaker or sponsor promoting a product. This month they gathered at Imation's headquarters. And they heard from Minnetonka-based Go Girl, which makes a cute little pink thing that looks like a funnel that allows women to pee standing up.

Breakfast tweeters had to chuckle.


footenotes: @go_girl giving new meaning to "streaming" this morning #smbmsp


harkherold @go_girls Is it fair to call your product liquid gold? #smbmsp about 4 hours ago from mobile web

This video (not from today's presentation) will illuminate things:


Here's video from the presentation. It's long. The Go Girls start at about 60 minutes in.