So this is the homophobe who kept vandalizing gay-friendly Maple Grove church... [PHOTO]

Lanny Roseland, a.k.a. the "right-wing early-bird vandal"
Lanny Roseland, a.k.a. the "right-wing early-bird vandal"
Fox 9 video screengrab

:::: UPDATE :::: Lonny Roseland, anti-gay church vandal, has an outrageous Facebook profile

Remember that guy who kept writing shit like "Church of Sodom" and "Church of Gomorrah" on Maple Grove's Pilgrims United Church because it supports gay marriage? He was caught on camera egging the church on Sunday morning (watch the footage here), and, thanks to a number of tips, later identified by police.

THE BACKSTORY: Progressive Maple Grove church vandalized again: "Gay Pride? NO! Shameful Sodomites!"

His name is Lonny Roseland, and since he's fond of vandalizing the church early in the morning, he told Fox 9 he'd like to be called the "right-wing early-bird vandal."

Roseland admits he's the man caught on camera Sunday morning, and told Fox the "main reason" he keeps vandalizing the church is because "I am definitely against gay marriage, of course. Although, I know I can't change it."

"Show me in the Bible where gay persons can get married in the eyes of Yahweh," Roseland said. "If they were atheists, I would not have had a problem with them -- but they call themselves the United Church of Christ. They consider themselves a religious organization."

Roseland says he has no plans to vandalize the church again. Of course, we'd be surprised if he said anything else now that his case has been turned over to prosecutors for possible gross misdemeanor vandalism charges.

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