Snus you can use


The Nordic lands have given us many great products: tight, tailored denim; random words with the letter J stuck somewhere inside them; and that funny lady who dances around in the dark wearing goose gowns. Nordic is the new black (and black is the new president!?). The latest export from the cold region is Snus, a damp pouch tobacco that is finding its way into our upper lips faster than collagen into Angelina Jolie’s.

"We're definitely seeing the industry move toward smokeless tobaccos," says Kerri Gordon, senior public affairs officer for ClearWay Minnesota, a nonprofit that works to reduce tobacco use among Minnesotans. "I don't know if you've seen them at the convenience stores, but with Snus they're marketing them with slick packaging and different flavors."

Yes, we have seen those pretty aluminum cans. And it makes sense that they're flying off the shelves--they pack a bigger buzz than an American Spirit, and could be the perfect answer to the Freedom to Breathe Act (other than, you know, quitting).

Call it "chew for hipsters." The more you Snus, the closer you get to Sigur Ros. How do you say, "may cause cancer" in Hopelandish?