Snowmageddon! Get home ASAP or have a miserable night!

Did Minnesotans forget what it was like to have a snowstorm? We'd say yes. Those flakes blowing outside our window have people in quite the tizzy today. What else would people tweet all day if it wasn't for this crazy snow in February? Boy, it sure took us by surprise. Since when was six inches of snow considered "snowmageddon"? We'd like to think Minnesotans are tougher than that.

Maybe Minnesotans have just realized that if they flip out enough and build up the storm enough before it hits, there's a better chance their bosses will overreact and send them home early. No one will complain about that.

Is school canceled? Are roads in total gridlock? We've compiled some helpful info for you below.

WCCO has a growing list of closed schools, canceled activities and businesses closing early.

The list isn't complete though. The Pioneer Press has a couple more. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus has canceled all classes beginning after 4:40 p.m. The Walker Art Center is also closing for the night. Any others that haven't been put on official news lists?

Check out the Minnesota Department of Transportation for the latest road information. WCCO also has an updated map of accidents.

More from KARE11:

The National Weather Service is extending its Winter Storm Warning until 9:00pm tonight for much of Minnesota, hit hard Thursday by heavy snow. Authorities in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota are advising no travel tonight due to heavy, blowing, and drifting snow. Winds of 30 miles an hour will blow around the heavy snow, which amounted to eight inches in some areas of western and central Minnesota. Visibility will be lowered, and driving will be hazardous.
WCCO has weather maps showing when this storm will be out of here.

According to KARE11, "the snow will be heavy at times until around 5 P.M. in the metro. Snow accumulations will range from 2 to 4 inches by 5 P.M. with some isolated higher +4 inch amounts - the snow will become lighter this evening after sunset (5:57 P.M.) but another 1 to 2 inches is possible for total storm accumulation by early Friday morning in the 3 to 6 inch range with some isolated higher amounts."