'Snitch' kidnapping, torture suspect's home is burned

Scott Lindgren was still in jail as firefighters raced to a fire at his home.

Scott Lindgren was still in jail as firefighters raced to a fire at his home. Carlton County

Last week, Scott Lindgren's home in Silver Brook Township was the site of a horrific violent crime.

On Monday, the home itself might've been the site of a serious property crime. 

Firefighters from five local departments raced to the scene of a blaze that "engulfed" Lindgren's two-story house early Monday morning, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

The fire occurred one week after Lindgren was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a teenager, tying him to a chair, assaulting him with a pistol, burning him, and carving "snitch" into his chest with a sharp object. At the time he was arrested, Lindgren and his girlfriend were in a car outside his home, with the badly wounded teenager in the backseat.

No one was in the house when firefighters arrived Monday morning. (Lindgren is still in custody.) The News Tribune says the place was "severely damaged," though crews managed to stop the fire from reaching a propane tank next to the home.

Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake says investigators "don't have anything definite at this point" about what caused the fire, and the case has been turned over to the Minnesota State Fire Marshall's office. 

Lindgren, who is beleived to have acted with accomplices, has been charged with seven felonies for his role in the kidnapping episode, which continued for several hours. Lindgren's most severe alleged crimes are two counts of kidnapping where the victim "suffers great bodily harm" or is "not released in a safe place," each of which carries a maximum 40-year sentence. 

According to the accusations, Lindgren paused the kidnapping and assault to take a picture of the victim, bleeding and with a bag over his head, and post the image to Snapchat.