Snail mail will cost you another two pennies


Unless you stocked up on Forever stamps, mailing that standard envelope will cost you another two cents starting today.

The United States Postal Service now charges 44 cents for a first-class stamp for mailing a standard letter snail-mail style. Forever stamps can be purchased at any time for the current cost of stamps, but can still be used as the price increases.

Despite three straight years of rate increases, the postal service could still be broke by year's end, officials say.

More from the Associated Press:
While the increase will bring in added income, the post office continues to struggle financially as more and more lucrative first-class mail is diverted to the Internet, and the recession discourages businesses from sending their usual volume of advertising.

The Postal Service, which does not get a taxpayer subsidy for its operations, lost $2.8 billion last year and is already $2.3 billion in the hole just halfway through this year.

Other rate increases:
  • Postcard stamps increased 1 cent to 28 cents.
  • The first ounce of a large envelope increases 5 cents to 88 cents.
  • The first ounce of a parcel increases 5 cents to $1.22.
  • New international postcard and letter prices are, for one ounce, 75 cents to Canada; 79 cents to Mexico; and 98 cents elsewhere.