Smoking is nasty: Even candy cigarettes aren't cool anymore

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Smoking is nasty: Even candy cigarettes aren't cool with the kids these days
A group of St. Paul teens is lobbying the city council to ban the sale of candy cigarettes in the city. The teens were outraged when they discovered these candies were still sold and often found at eye level of young children in convenience stores. Their lobbying just might pay off.

Warning: Creepy dude following young girls home from school
Two girls, ages 11 and 12, were followed home from school by a weird man. He never spoke to them, but followed in his "beat up" white hatchback and tried to cut them off at least two times. Gross.

Sara Jane Olson is back and isn't talking
Longtime fugitive Sara Jane Olson is back living in her St. Paul home, but she isn't giving much excitement to reporters. They were staking out her home all day, chased her at the airport, and she didn't give a single comment. Oh well.

U researcher lying for money? Maybe
When Dr. S Schulz presented research at a conference in 2000, he reported that the new psychiatric drug Seroquel was "significantly superior" than other treatments for schizophrenia. Turns out it wasn't really true and Schulz was paid at least $88,000 over 10 years from the drug's manufacturer for consulting and research. So much for avoiding conflicts of interest, right?

Veteran gets diploma 69 years later
Richard Thill left St. Paul's Humboldt Senior High School to sign up for the Naval Reserve in 1940. He never graduated from high school, but when the World War II veteran returned to the school Wednesday to talk about his experience, he was surprised when the school gave him an honorary diploma dated June 8, 1942.

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