Smash-and-grab Minnesota jewelry store robbers caught on tape [VIDEO]

Smash-and-grabbers go to work at Douglas Diamonds, the first of two jewelry store robberies in Faribault last month.
Smash-and-grabbers go to work at Douglas Diamonds, the first of two jewelry store robberies in Faribault last month.

Over the last month, a pack of smash-and-grab robbers have struck six Minnesota jewelry stores, attempted a seventh robbery in Eagan, and are possibly connected with two other cases.

The most recent robbery happened last Tuesday night, April 24. At about 11 p.m., three suspects did a smash-and-grab job at a jewelry store in Hastings just over an hour after robbing Chappuis Jewelers in Faribault. Hoods and masks obscuring their identities, the three suspects were simply described by the Faribault Daily News as "black males."

These robbers are not easily deterred. On April 14, they were caught on a surveillance tape robbing Faribault's Douglas Diamonds (the video is below). And when they returned to Faribault to rob Chappuis just over a week later, they smashed-and-grabbed just blocks away from Faribault's police headquarters.

Said Faribault Police Chief Don Gudmundson: "They are bold, brash, and dangerous. You don't do this kind of thing and think that some citizen, an officer or employee won't get involved at some point, and even get killed."

Reporting on the Douglas Diamonds robbery, Rebecca Rodenborg describes the robbers' methods as follows:

At first glance, the person appears to be waiting for someone outside the door of Douglas Diamonds. The person, Suspect A, walks past the door, then back, and then leans into the glass front door.

Just three seconds later a second person, Suspect B, appears and quickly smashes in the glass of the door with a yellow crowbar. Suspect B steps aside and Suspect A climbs through the bottom half of the door, quickly followed by a third person, Suspect C...

Suspect B handles the breaking of the display cases inside the Faribault business. Suspects A and C move from one case to another, scooping the contents into black garbage bags..

Without further ado, here's video of the Douglas Diamonds smash-and-grab from three angles. Suspects were in and out of the store in 1:17 and made off with more than $10,000 in merchandise:

Police Chief Gudmundson told the Daily News he thinks the robberies might have a regional gang connection, adding that police quickly ruled out the possibly that the robberies are the work of local suspects.

And though no arrests have yet been made, police are pursuing leads and Gudmundson said he's confident the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon.

"You can't go around and kick the shin of the Lord every day and get away with it," he said.

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