Smack down: Hennepin County releases heroin OD statistics


The Hennepin County Sheriff's Department released a report on heroine deaths this afternoon. The Department cites a "dramatic" 57 percent increase in OD deaths between 2008 and 2009, but considering the low numbers (14 deaths in '08, 22 in '09) calling the rise "dramatic" might be a bit, well, dramatic.

Tangential observation: heroine was apparently big among white guys last year. Males accounted for 95 percent of OD's, whites 91 percent, in 2009.

More stats:  2008

Total deaths: 14

Male: 93 percent

Female: 7 percent


White: 71 percent

Black: 21 percent

Native American: 7 percent


Total deaths: 22

Male: 95 percent

Female: 5 percent


White: 91 percent

Black: 9 percent