Simoni Lawrence signed by Vikings, but still hasn't paid woman he hit on I-94

:::: UPDATE :::: New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up

Today, the Vikings announced the signing of former University of Minnesota linebacker and 2009 defensive captain Simoni Lawrence.

Lawrence's return to Minnesota following a successful stint in the CFL is a feel-good story, unless you're Karla Rehberg, the 57-year-old Whittier resident Lawrence crunched in his white Camero on I-94 last year.

Immediately following the accident, Lawrence gave Rehberg his Geico insurance card. But when Rehberg called Geico to follow up, she was informed Lawrence hadn't paid his premiums and wasn't covered.

When we last talked to Rehberg in December, she said that despite months of hounding, Lawrence still hadn't reimbursed her for the more than $3,000 worth of damage he caused to her Honda Fit.

"I don't know if this is just a thing where he wants to call all the shots, or if he thinks I'm trying to screw him or what," Rehberg said. "But it's so odd to see this professional football player who thinks he isn't going to have to pay for this."

Based on this tweet posted by Rehberg yesterday, it appears not much has changed since then:
-- karla rehberg (@magsnzack) February 10, 2014 We called Rehberg to get an update this afternoon, but she hadn't got back to us as this is published.

Meanwhile, Lawrence took to Twitter to express his excitement about his homecoming: Will Simoni finally pony up now that he's making an NFL salary? (The minimum is $405,000.) Stay tuned.

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