Sign of the Times: Ex-student bank robber said he needed to feed his kids


It's hard feeling bad for an accused criminal, but this guy has the game down. We actually feel a little sorry for him.

Donteh L. Smith, 26, is accused of robbing a St. Paul TCF bank July 6. But this wasn't any regular robbery. Smith allegedly used his manors and passed his school ID card to the teller when asking for the cash. He was a former Century College student.

He passed along a note that read: "I'm sorry for doing this. Give me all the money in your drawer. My kids need the food, I have no money."

His plot wasn't successful. Soon after leaving the bank with $4,021 in cash, an anti-theft dye pack went off and he flagged down police to turn himself in.

If convicted, Smith could spend up to 20 years in prison.