Sign of the apocalypse: After wild Vikings game, Packers cracking down on Lambeau beer sales

A Packers game without beer is like a Vikings season without heartbreak.
A Packers game without beer is like a Vikings season without heartbreak.

The December 2 Vikes-Pack game in Lambeau was memorable, at least as far as the City Pages Blotter archives goes -- it gave us the Cute Vikings Fans Photobomber, the Purple Sombrero Beatdown, and enough fodder to post about whether local law enforcement planned to change the way it handles gamedays in response to the mayhem.

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The answer to that last question was no, but apparently the December 2 shenanigans played a role in prompting Lambeau Field authorities to try and curtail the boozing that'll be going down this Saturday for the Vikes-Pack playoff matchup.

A statement published on the Packers' official website says that "alcohol sales will cease at the beginning of the third quarter, earlier than the standard end of the third quarter." The reason? "[T]he game's unique circumstances: Saturday night, playoffs and a division rival." And Wisconsin.

Here's an excerpt of comments Doug Collins, Packers director of security, made in the statement:

Night games previously have presented us with more challenges than normal with regard to inappropriate behavior. We are asking fans to enjoy the game responsibly and also help us out by reporting poor conduct to stadium and law enforcement personnel, either in person, or by text at the number posted in the stadium.

The vast majority of our fans - 99 percent - follow the code of conduct, and we appreciate that. Those that don't will be addressed so that others may continue to enjoy the game. We want to provide the best experience for everyone who attends.

As we told you about last month, Lambeau has a history of getting especially cray-cray for Vikings game. Over the previous seven seasons before this one, there was an average of 10.3 arrests and 40 ejections when the Packers play regular season home games against the Vikes, compared to 14 arrests and 33.7 ejections for the Bears. Lions games, by comparison, are like a trip to the library, with averages of just 5.1 arrests and 17.1 ejections (those numbers are from the Green Bay Press Gazette).

But Wisconsinites are nothing if not resourceful, so we're confident they'll get their booze fix somehow. Maybe an aspiring inventor could quick come up with a cheesehead compete with a secret flask compartment?

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