Sid Vicious

Journalism student dissed by "legend"

Minnesota Daily scribe C.J. Spang and "punk kid" claims to have had an unpleasant brush with Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman.

I was in the Athletics Communications office on Friday, squaring away some work-related things when Hartman walked in. I laughed on the inside, as I'd heard about him making the rounds in the Bierman athletics building.

While he was in an office, I sat down to talk with a friend of mine and another person who works in the office.

He walked by and got to the door, only to turn and look toward the three of us.

"You can do better than that," he said to the other two people in the room while gesturing to me. "This guy's a nothing."

And, with that, he walked out the door.

Read Spang's entire account here.

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