Shouldn't couples be happy to officially marry? Or is that a straight thing?

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Shouldn't couples be happy to officially marry? Or is that a straight thing?

The Star Tribune has an expected story about the first day of legally recognized gay marriages in Iowa, but the headline is what struck us: "Happy gay couples line up in Iowa for marriage licenses". What other feeling would you expect them to be? Maybe if they were pissed off or miserable it would be headline worthy?

Tunnel survivor thinks he could have done more to save friend from drowning

The man who survived this weekend when rain water swept him and his friend into the Mississippi River is now left wondering what he could have done to save him from drowning. Nick Breid, friends with Ian Talty since high school, recounts the horrifying experience of struggling to pull himself ashore as his friend was swept away and drowned in the river. The Pioneer Press tells the story of the cop who tried to rescue Talty.

Bemidji girl returned to family after escaping for a 26-year-old online man friend

A 15-year-old Bemidji girl is safely bach at home after heading to the East Coast by bus to meet a man she knew on the Internet. After authorities figured out her plan, they notified Chicago police who removed her from the bus there. Then Rhode Island police went to the bus station she was scheduled to arrive at and busted the 26-year-old from Alabama.

High speed rail stop in Rochester?

Minnesotans are getting riled up about the planned high-speed rail line from Chicago to the Twin Cities. And now there is a new issue at stake: Where will the train stop? Rochester is pushing hard for a stop in their city, arguing the big draw of the Mayo Clinic. Rail planners say the chosen stops will create big economic opportunities for cities, so the route plan could be contentious.

I can't see Sesame Street through all that skin on your TV screen

WCCO's Good Question looks at all of that dust in your home. Yes, it really is skin. Oh, and insect poop too. Tasty.