Should wolf hunting be banned -- again -- in Minnesota?

Should wolf hunting be banned -- again -- in Minnesota?
DFL Sen. Chris Eaton introduced a bill to ban the hunt Thursday.

A bill introduced to the Legislature this week would put a five-year moratorium on wolf hunting in Minnesota.

-Minnesota wolf hunters on track to finish just over target

Authored by Sen. Majority Whip Chris Eaton, it would continue to extend the ban beyond the five-year period unless "population management is deemed necessary," and other methods are explored.

Eaton's bill was referred to the Environment and Energy committee, but given wolf hunting was legalized just last year, it's hard to imagine at this point that it will succeed. But that's not to say it won't have support.

The hunt has been controversial since the bill to lift the ban was introduced to the Legislature.

Supporters say it's necessary to control the population, but opponents argue the animal is still vulnerable, and a hunt could have long-term harmful effects. Howling for Wolves, the primary group against the hunt, has aggressively protested the hunt -- most visibly with billboards demonizing the DNR -- and is now urging Minnesotans to call lawmakers and ask for a repeal.

So we ask our readers: Now that we've seen how the inaugural hunts have played out, should we keep it going?

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