Should Peavey Plaza be demolished? [POLL]

A historic park and gathering place for the Occupy MN movement could soon be demolished.

The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Committee is slated to vote on a proposal next Tuesday to destroy the 37-year-old Peavey Plaza, located adjacent from Orchestra Hall. Peavey has never been officially designated as a historical landmark, but it fits the city's criteria, so it's being treated as one.

The current plaza was designed in 1974 by M. Paul Friedberg -- a renowned landscape architect who also developed plans for Loring Park -- and built the following year for $3 million.

Today, Peavey Plaza is in need of repairs. It would cost between $4.9 and $8.7 million to rehab, according to the proposal, submitted by the Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development.

The city has also drafted a proposal for a replacement plaza that would bring the park "into the 21st Century." The designs, unveiled yesterday, include two large pools that could be drained and replaced with 1,500 chairs, where the city would host outdoor concerts. Read more on the Heritage Committee's agenda.

The city is still working on a cost estimate, but the new project would likely run about $8 to $9 million, says Beth Grosen of CPED. It would look something like this:

Should Peavey Plaza be demolished? [POLL]
Screenshot from CPED proposal.
Should Peavey Plaza be demolished? [POLL]
Screenshot from CPED proposal.

Not everyone is so high on the idea of destroying the old plaza.

A group called "Save Peavey Plaza" popped up on Facebook last November, and has been active in protesting the destruction of the park. One of its members, Trish Brock, recently penned a letter to the TC Daily Planet, criticizing the city's plan. An excerpt from the letter (in full here):

For those of you who don't know (and most of you do not know due to the secretive City process involved - they wanted to keep you in the dark), The City of Minneapolis plans to destroy Minnesota's Cultural Landscape, Peavey Plaza. What are Cultural Landscapes? According to the Cultural Landscape Foundation, "Cultural Landscapes provide a sense of place and identity; they map our relationship with the land over time; and they are part of our national heritage and each of our lives". Peavey Plaza is a narrative of Minnesota culture and an expression of regional identity.

So we pose the question to our readers:

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