Shoreview woman to Lino Lakes police officer during tussle: I'll "use your skin as bread"

While allegedly trying to beat up a female Lino Lakes police officer around 8 p.m. on May 1, 28-year-old Shoreview resident Rachel Huntzicker came up with a uniquely sick and twisted threat.

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She threatened to murder and dismember the cop. But in case that wasn't enough, she added that after the killing and delimbing was through, she'd "use your skin as bread."

KSTP, citing the criminal complaint, reports that the incident began when a Lino Lakes man called police to report Huntzicker for drunkenly following him home. The man told an officer he'd taken Huntzicker's car keys because she was too drunk to drive, but that apparently didn't deter her from showing up at his house (it's unclear what sort of relationship the man has with Huntzicker or how she got to his place).

When officers arrived, Huntzicker was allegedly drunk, belligerent, and violent. In fact, according to KSTP, she managed to land a kick to an officer's head.

Among other infractions, Huntzicker has been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats that could land her behind bars for up to five years.

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