Shopping addicts can sleep at MOA for Black Friday


Are you so addicted to shopping on Black Friday that you are willing to leave your family dinner to go cuddle up at the Mall of America for the night? Well, you are completely insane, but now you have the chance to be one of the first shoppers in the mall the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday never sounded so fun.

This is completely ridiculous.

KARE11 is giving 10 people a chance to camp out in the MOA Green House Thursday night so you can be well rested for 6 a.m. shopping Friday. You can enter by clicking here or texting SHOP to 23733.

We think you'll be sleeping in the house built in one of the rotundas, but we aren't quite sure. It officially opens after Thanksgiving.

This idea is old news to CP Staff Writer Matt Snyders. At this time last year, he spent a week living in the MOA and spent the night inside the building once. So don't think you are that special.

If you win, at least you know you were smart enough to avoid camping outside huddled around the building entrance with a bunch of cranky and bloated shoppers.