Shootout at Lowertown SuperAmerica Injures Three

The shootout took place at the first SuperAmerica to ever open in 1960

The shootout took place at the first SuperAmerica to ever open in 1960

A group of young hooligans got into a fight that escalated into a shootout at the Lowertown SuperAmerica last week.

St. Paul Police Public Information Officer Paul Paulos said they're having a tough time charging anyone because the three men who were hospitalized with gunshot wounds are not being cooperative. See also: Crazy SuperAmerica Brawl Caught on Camera

"A group of young adults were having a dispute and it looks like everybody brought a gun," he said. "It's not a random issue, they know each other is what we're picking up right now, although it's hard because the victims are being sort of uncooperative at this point."

St. Paul police responded to reports of gunfire around 6:30 p.m. on December 22. Detectives are pretty sure there were four carloads of young men partaking in the dispute.

"Now that's a very busy gas station, if you hear shots there I'd probably put the car in drive and squeal out too, so we gotta go back and pull the video to look into that," said Paulos.

The SuperAmerica at the corner of Seventh Street and Wall Street in Lowertown was actually the very first SuperAmerica to open back in 1960. Police say it's getting more and more popular, which can attract crime.

"It's a transient area as well, sort of halfway between a few shelters, and it's just become an all-around main hub," said Paulos. "It's a major thoroughfare so we're already driving by there all the time, and the only thing we could probably do now is post someone there consistently, but we have to manage our resources accordingly."