Shooting in St. Paul leaves one man dead

Another shooting in St. Paul Sunday leaves one man dead and two seriously wounded.

Police were still sorting out the details of the shooting Sunday night. They know that around 9:04 p.m., there was some sort of dispute. They found two men shot in the 500 block of East Case Street. Both were taken to Regions Hospital and listed in serious and critical condition.

Witnesses said they saw a Dodge Neon pulling away from the site of the shooting, and when St. Paul police stopped a car matching that description, the driver said his passenger had also been shot. Paramedics pronounced the man dead on the scene.

Police have not released the names of the men. The Pioneer Press is reporting more details of what happened, as told by a witness:

Charlie Lee described the following scene to the Pioneer Press:

Two men or teens, who either live at 472 Case or are acquainted with the residents, were in a shootout with at least one other gunman out of sight across a vacant lot just west of 472 Case.

One man was alongside the residence. The other was crouched near a tree on the other side of the vacant lot. They were shooting toward a wood fence at the rear of the duplex, where at least one other gunman was returning fire.

Several members of Bryant Lee's family are familiar with firearms, and they agreed one gun was a small-caliber weapon, likely a .22, while another was a larger gun. They believed all were handguns.