Shoot the pigs. The Wild ones. In Wisconsin


Those of you heading out for Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer hunting season have been asked to keep an eye out for the pigs. The feral pigs.

State DNR officials say the wee beasts "are known to carry a number of diseases of danger to humans and the domestic swine industry, including swine brucellosis, pseudorabies and leptospirosis."


As if that's not bad enough, Bambi's in danger too. The pigs also prey on white-tailed deer fawns and ground nesting birds like grouse, woodcock, turkeys, and songbirds, Wisconsin DNR says.

The good news for hunters is this: Feral pigs are regarded as a nuisance, they are not a protected species and there's no bag limit. That means you can gun them down pretty much year 'round, as often as you like, except the Friday before the nine-day gun deer hunting season.

OK. Opening day is Nov. 21. Lock and load. And for goodness sakes remember to roll down your window if you're going to take a shot from the car...