Shocker: Dems say Madia is winning

Shocker: Dems say Madia is winning

We love when partisan groups put out their own poll numbers that amazingly show their candidate in the lead. How could that possibly happen? Yes, we know the polls are independent, but who's to say they just don't publish the polls that look bad? Hm.

According to the latest poll released by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll, Ashwin Madia has 44 percent to Republican Erik Paulsen's 39 percent in Minnesota's 3rd District House race. Independence candidate David Dillon has 8 percent and 9 percent are still undecided.

Bennett Petts & Normington surveyed 400 likely voters Sept. 29 and 30 and the survey has a 4.9 percent margin of error. So outside the margin of error, Madia has .1 percent over Paulsen, but the DCCC still managed to call it a "solid" lead.

Looks like Paulsen's claim that Madia can't lead because he has no kids or a mortgage isn't such a hot issue for voters.

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