Shetland pony found riding shotgun around Minneapolis

A man had a Shetland pony in the front seat of his Ford Explorer.

A man had a Shetland pony in the front seat of his Ford Explorer.

It’s hard to separate a man from his pony. So deep does one man’s love for his Shetland run that he presumably couldn’t bear to be apart from his thick-maned friend while driving around Minneapolis.

On Saturday morning, Minneapolis police responded to a reported car crash at 11th Avenue and Sixth Street. They arrived to find an unusual passenger riding shotgun in one of the vehicles — a miniature horse. 

John Elder, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, says it wasn’t clear why the man sat his pony in the front passenger seat of his Ford Explorer. 

“The officers were really more concerned about getting the pony out into safety and out of traffic,” Elder says.

Ranging between two and four feet tall, Shetlands are the smallest — and undisputedly cutest — horse breed. They probably make pretty chill co-captains, too. Nevertheless, driving around with one in your passenger seat is a misdemeanor in the eyes of the lawman.

Under the heading of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up", this morning Minneapolis Police Officers responded to a report of a...

The crash is still under investigation, but it doesn’t appear that the man was simply distracted by the pony’s adorable mug. At the cops’ discretion, the driver did not receive a citation for rolling around town with a pony in his car. And despite not wearing its seatbelt, the horsey was unharmed during the wreck. All the same, our equine chauffeur should probably use some of his insurance money to get his hay-eating pal a trailer.