Sherwin Shayegan, Piggyback Bandit, is in Minnesota

Shayegan is one frickin' bizarre individual.
Shayegan is one frickin' bizarre individual.

Sherwin Shayegan is a serial piggybacker known as the Piggyback Bandit. And he has been spotted in Minnesota.

Shayegan, 28, likes to show up at high school sporting events and jump on the players' backs. He is not shy about this -- his Facebook page asks you to "Give me a piggyback ride!" (It also says Sherwin wants to meet "good looking boys. Preferably at libraries when no one else is around.")

In other words, he is one of the creepiest mofos you will ever meet. So creepy that mere reports of his presence in the state were enough for the Minnesota State High School League to ban him from attending high school sporting events.

As Forbes puts it, "The Seattle native has cut a piggybacking swath across the Pacific Northwest." He's been banned from high school games in Washington, Montana, North Dakota, and now Minnesota. On February 1, he plead guilty to two counts of misdemeanor assault for piggybacking two players during a high school soccer tournament last October.

He was in North Dakota earlier this week. Jim Haussler, director of Bismarck public school activities, described Shayegan's behavior to KXNews thusly:

He was at three events girls and boys games at Century against St. Mary's high school, he was also at the Century Fargo South hockey game. And the behavior that was reported to us was that there were a number attempts to get piggyback rides and he was successful at a couple of them. Tried to make his way to locker rooms and was stopped.

Then on Wednesday he was spotted in Moorhead, pouring water for the players during the St. Olaf-Concordia basketball game. A St. Olaf coached asked him to leave the area because he was creeping everyone out. Shayegan, atypically, obliged.

He continues traveling east, inexorably. The Star Tribune reports Shayegan was seen in St. Cloud on Thursday and Minneapolis today, prompting the high school league to preemptively ban him from high school events. Perhaps by the time you read this he'll be in St. Paul.

So, high school athletes -- especially those of you with games tonight -- beware. Because the Piggyback Bandit is out there, and you never know whose back he'll jump on next.

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