Sheikh Nyane admits stabbing ex-wife's lawyer in the neck

Not awarded custody of his child. Good call.

Not awarded custody of his child. Good call.

Blame your ex-wife's lawyer because a judge found you unworthy of looking after your own child. In fact, bear such animosity toward said lawyer that you stab her in the neck and face over and over.

Judge was probably onto something, yes?

Thirty-three year-old Sheikh Nyane evidently brought a kitchen knife to a meeting with 54-year-old family lawyer Terri Ann Melcheron Friday in Fridley.

After the attack, she was rushed to HCMC. Word is that she's going to survive the ordeal.

"He just walked into the office, found her and attacked her with a knife," Anoka County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Sommer told WCCO.

Nyane? He turned himself into police he found at the Bobby and Steve's gas station on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis. He's been charged with first- and second-degree attempted murder after confessing to the crime with the Anoka County Sheriff's Office. He's being held on $1 million bail.