Shawn Daivari Hiawatha Line smackdown: The surveillance footage [VIDEO]

Who needs Metro Transit police when you have Shawn Daivari?
Who needs Metro Transit police when you have Shawn Daivari?

Metro Transit has released surveillance footage of former WWE wrestler Shawn Daivari choking out a belligerent passenger during a southbound trip on the Hiawatha Line a few weeks back.

-- Shawn Daivari, former WWE star, chokes out belligerent racist on Hiawatha Line
-- Metro Transit responds to security concerns following Shawn Daivari incident

Though the footage doesn't have sound, it appears to show that the incident unfolded just as we've previously reported. An unruly passenger gives a bicyclist a hard time when he boards the train, then appears to turn his ire to another off-camera rider. As the man prepares to initiate a physical altercation with the off-camera rider, Daivari springs out of his seat, takes his jacket off, and chokes the troublemaker out.

With the help of another passenger, Daivari then tosses the belligerent man out of the train at the next stop, giving him a couple kicks for good measure. Before the train departs, another rider tosses the unruly rider his backpack, so that, at least, was nice.

Here's the footage:

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