Shannon O'Toole and Christina Scavo said to exaggerate Jets, Brett Favre ties

Gone, but not forgotten in a New York courtroom.

Gone, but not forgotten in a New York courtroom.

The New York Jets have responded in court to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the team, and former quarterback Brett Favre, by massage therapists Shannon O'Toole and Christina Scavo.

The defense in a nutshell: The two women vastly overstated their ties to the team.


"The relationship they seek to portray could not be further from the truth," Jets lawyer Gary H. Glaser said in court papers. They worked for the team for about five days in two years. And they didn't lose their jobs because they complained about lewd text messages, the team hired new massage therapists when it moved training facilities.

Contractors Shannon O'Toole and Christina Scavo said they were humiliated and left without work after the 2008 episode.

"Brett here you and crissy want to get together im alone," he asked in one message. And then, "Kinda lonely tonight I guess I have bad intentions."

Scavo showed the messages to her husband, who reportedly contacted Favre personally, told him to back off, and demanded an apology -- which he didn't get.

The two women never worked for the Jets again.

Favre went on to join the Vikings. They filed suit against the team and the quarterback five days after he was fined by the NFL for stonewalling its probe into his lewd text messages to Jets sideline host Jenn Sterger.

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