Shane Bauer's mom, Cindy Hickey, heads to Iran (Video)

Pine City's Cindy Hickey, the mother of imprisoned freelance journalist Shane Bauer, will join the mothers of two other detainees on a flight to Iran either today or tomorrow to try and win their release. The three were issued visas last week.

"We're positively going there to bring them back," Hickey told reporters in New York City, as she, Nora Shourd and Laura Fattal awaited their flight to Tehran. "Leaving there without them is going to be devastating."

Bauer, 27, Sarah Shourd, 31, and Josh Fattal, 27, were hiking 10 months ago in the mountains of northeastern Iraq when they wandered onto Iranian territory and were arrested.

Originally accused as spies, but now charged with entering the country illegally, they have been in prison ever since, and allowed little contact with the outside world. Swiss diplomats visiting the three recently reported them to be in deteriorating health.

Hickey said she tried not to think about having to leave Iran empty handed.

"We've worked for almost 10 months to get these kids back home," she said. "Going to see them and coming home without them, and knowing that they have to stay in these same conditions will be overwhelming for us."

Here's video of all three moms, speaking with The Associated Press.

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