Shane and Amy make a press release

class=img_thumbleft> Kevin Smith's latest film is to be called Zach and Miri Make a Porno. The script is apparently about a pair of 30-something slackers who, inspired by their upcoming 15-year high school reunion, decide to make a porn film. It's slated to begin filming in Minnesota in February.

According to Shane Bugbee, the movie was inspired by his experiences in Ely, Minnesota. Bugbee is the satanist-turned-blueberry-soda salesman who claims to have been run out of bucolic Ely, Minnesota fearing for his life after word of his past surfaced. (See "Sympathy for the Devil".) Bugbee then went to L.A. and produced a porn film, "The Witches Sabbath."

"It's a rare day in Hollywood to actually get paid and get credit for something like this," Bugbee says in a press release touting the purported connection. "This is a real testament to Kevin Smith's character!"

His wife, Amy, also chimes in on the forthcoming film. "The movie is loosely based on our tale of woe," she says, "and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

Of course, according to Smith, this is a bunch of hooey.