Shakopee athlete sues school for suspension over "im boutta drill my 'teammates'" tweet

Tyson Leon
Tyson Leon
Submitted image via Star Tribune

In August, 16-year-old Shakopee High School junior Tyson Leon was indefinitely suspended from school athletics after publishing this tweet -- "Im boutta drill my 'teammates' on Monday."

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Leon, a football player and wrestler, claims the tweet merely referred to his intent to tackle people really hard at an upcoming practice. But Shakopee High School officials interpreted it as a terroristic threat.

According to a Star Tribune report, Leon is suing both the school district and Minnesota High School League for sabotaging his chances of getting a wrestling scholarship. District officials claim the suspension was never intended to prevent Leon from wrestling and say all he has to do to return to athletics is sign a document affirming he understands the High School League's rules.

After a court appearance yesterday, Leon told the Strib, "At first [district officials] told me I wasn't ever able to play sports again. Then in there they said all I had to do was sign a piece of paper. I was pretty happy about that."

Leon might need a refresher course on the rules, it appears. Before the texting controversy, he'd been suspended from sports three times for various infractions, including a verbal altercation with a teacher, an off-campus fight, and "chemical use" at a party last January, the Strib reports.

Though district officials now say they have no qualms with Leon returning to the ring -- he's wrestled for Shakopee's varsity team since he was in 7th grade -- they also stand by their initial decision to suspend him.

"Every single school administrator who read [the tweet] believed that he was threatening harm," Carla White, an attorney for the school district said, told the Strib.

Meanwhile, Leon took to Twitter to express his excitement about how yesterday's hearing went and about the upcoming wrestling season:

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