Sgt. Joe Bergeron mourned by thousands

Thousands of mourners turned out yesterday to pay their last respects to Sgt. Joe Bergeron, 49, of the Maplewood Police Department, after he was shot and killed on Saturday during a manhunt for a couple of carjackers.

The 26-year veteran of the force was laid to rest after a packed funeral service at St. Paul Cathedral, followed by an epic police procession through St. Paul and Maplewood to St. John's Cemetery in Little Canada, involving hundreds of squad cars from all over the state and points beyond.

As Bergeron's family, friends and colleagues stood by at the cemetery, a radio dispatcher asked for a moment of silence.

"4357 ... 4357 ... attention all units, stand by for one item. The Maplewood Police Department is requesting a 10-1 moment of silence in honor of Sgt. Joseph Anthony Bergeron," the dispatcher says. "He is a true hero to all of us."

"Rest in peace Joey B. ... Maplewood police squad 4357, badge 357, is 10-7. End of tour May 1, 2010."

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