Sexual abuse found in St. Louis Park nursing home

Sexual abuse found in St. Louis Park nursing home

The closer you look, the deeper and darker seems the abyss of human depravity.

State officials have announced that, indeed, there was definite sexual misconduct being conducted by a nursing assistant at the Texas Terrace Care Center in St. Louis Park. The offender, who is not named, is accused of mouth kissing, then fondling, a dementia patient numerous times.

The are other allegations against the same nursing assistant--two other residents claim that he kissed them as well, with one alleging that he touched her stomach.

The care of those unable to care for themselves ought to be relegated to the most noble and selfless. But, as has been proven by numerous such scandals, it also attracts a contingent all too eager to act out their most base desires. Theft, molestation, abuses of all stripes haunt nursing homes and care centers.

And now, for the requisite, half-snarky question: WHY? IN GOD'S NAME, WHY?!

We understand it's a question more appropriate for Dan Savage. But it takes a lot to get our stomachs turning. Stabbings, murder, extortion? Ho hum. Yawn. Mouth kissing an elderly dementia patient? Clear a path to the toilet, gang--it's going to be a while.

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