Sex offender TVs go to the vets


When Gov. Tim Pawlenty found out that the Moose Lake facility for sex offenders bought two dozen 50-inch flat-screen TVs for the common area, he was quick to call the decision "boneheaded" and told the facility to immediately sell the TVs. The sets cost $2,282 each.

Now it looks like most of those TVs will be used at the state's veterans homes. They will be spread out among homes in Minneapolis, Fergus Falls, Hastings and Silver Bay to be used in their common areas.

Pawlenty spoke about it on his weekly radio show, calling it "a higher and better use for the sets." Any remaining TVs will be sold, he says.

The controversy erupted after the Star Tribune story was published this week. Patients at the Moose Lake facility had complained to lawmakers about the new TVs, which they say are primarily watched by security guards. Many patients have small TVs in their rooms.