Serial groper's family says he is schizophrenic

Serial groper's family says he is schizophrenic
Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota's alleged serial groper was

finally busted yesterday

by police. How can one study when you have to worry about an uninvited reach-under grab from strangers on campus? Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. 

As more information is released on the suspect, his family tells WCCO that he is schizophrenic and they have been trying to get him help for some time.

Watch the WCCO video report


More from WCCO:

Minneapolis Police Lt. Nancy Dunlap said the groper has a similar pattern. 

"Reaching under and grabbing their buttocks and genital area, and squeezing," she said, "When you talk about this kind of behavior, these people had no idea he was behind them. Their sense of security was pretty shaken at that time. It was pretty traumatic." 

His family heard about the arrest on the news Wednesday. They said they were distressed and saddened for the victims. His sister, who asked not to be identified at this time, said her brother was a diagnosed schizophrenic who she'd been trying to get help for years. 

Last she knew, he was taking his medications, but she hadn't talked with him since he was arrested. "He's good person," she said. "This is so surprising." 

Police say the suspect does not have a record of any sexual conduct in his past. He'll likely be charged with 5th degree assault which is a gross misdemeanor.

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