Serial groper can't keep his hands off U of Minn students

Serial groper can't keep his hands off U of Minn students
Photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota

The bike-by groper has now become a serious serial groper after two more incidents were reported Monday. How can this guy keep at it for so long?

Police have received reports of a man matching a similar description groping at least six women on the University of Minnesota campus. His first three assaults were mounted assaults, but no word if he was also on bike in the last three. He's apparently moved back to the West Bank for his most recent assaults.

The suspect comes up behind the students and grabs their genitals.

Details from the latest police report:

On Monday, February 2 the UMPD received two additional reports of female students being victimized earlier in the day by a suspect with the same basic description as the previous incidents. One incident occurred outside of the Humphrey Center at around 7:40 a.m. and the other occurred at around 9:30 a.m. outside of Walter F. Mondale Hall.

Read about the previous incidents in our last report. Apparently Minnesota isn't the only place that has dealt with these mounted gropers. A cyclist groper in the U.K. got a lot of press when he was busted. He wasn't allowed to even talk to women for five years.

Anyone with information on these incidents should call Police at 612-624-COPS.

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