Serge Vorobyov makes it rain money once again, this time at State Fair [VIDEO]

Serge's stunt coincided with the busiest day in the fair's history.
Serge's stunt coincided with the busiest day in the fair's history.

Serge "The Car Hauler" Vorobyov first gained notoriety last holiday season thanks to a viral video showing him tossing $1,000 in one dollar bills around the Mall of America's rotunda.

The month or so that followed was a dramatic one for Serge, with relationship strife, half-baked ideas to recapture the magic of the Black Friday stunt, and finally, a trip to jail. But now, Serge is back up to his tried and true trick -- tossing dollar bills around like it ain't no thing.

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Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, Serge again tossed $1,000, this time from the State Fair Skyride. He also upped the stakes by including two $100 bills along with 800 ones.

Here's the video:

We talked to Serge to learn more about his motivation for making it rain money once again.

"It was good fun," he tells us. "It was a good way to end the summer and that was kinda my thing. It's a little surprise when you get something fun and pleasant."

At the Mall of America, each dollar bill Serge threw was emblazoned with this message: "Serge the Car Haul Loves Olivia." It didn't entirely accomplish its desired result -- though Serge says he and his ex-wife (Olivia) are now on good terms, they didn't get back together.

This time, Serge went with something simpler. He tells us each bill he tossed at the State Fair said, "Have Fun at the State Fair from Serge The Car Hauler."

In general, Serge says he's in a better place now than he was last winter.

"I want people to know that I went through a setback," Serge says. "I told the [media] after Black Friday that was my last $1,000 and I was hoping good karma was coming back. Well, I've had several job offers, I'm doing all right for this year, and it's going toward my 'American Dream,' or rebuilding it."

Serge says that while he's "working for the man saving up money" right now, he hopes to reopen his car hauling business, perhaps as soon as next month. In the meantime, he's already dreaming up his next stunt.

"Maybe the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City," Serge says. "I've always wanted to see that parade and I think I'll definitely have another $1,000 to throw myself."

If you're interested in helping fund Serge's next money toss, he's set up a GoFundMe page here.

Asked whether literally throwing $1,000 away when he's trying to get his business back up and running is stressful, Serge says, "Your mind is really against you, but you really have to do stuff like this to know you will be okay in the future, and it changes your mind back to that whole abundance thing -- we're truly blessed to be here."

"Maybe somebody had a sad day and now they're having as much fun as I did," he adds.

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