Serge Vorobyov makes it rain money on Mall of America rotunda [VIDEOS]

Some might say Serge literally threw away his last $1,000, but he doesn't see it like that.
Some might say Serge literally threw away his last $1,000, but he doesn't see it like that.

:::: UPDATE :::: Man who made it rain at MOA professed his love for ex-wife on each dollar he tossed [PHOTO]

On Black Friday, Serge Vorobyov, a 29-year-old Apple Valley resident, gave folks at the Mall of America early Christmas presents. He tossed $1,000 in one-dollar bills from the upper floor of the mall's packed rotunda while singers fittingly performed "Let It Snow" on the lower level.

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But Mall of America cops, playing the role of Scrooge, ended up citing Vorobyov for disorderly conduct for his stunt, which he says was meant to improve his karma after a rough year where he went through a divorce, lost his business, and wound up broke.

First, here's video shot by Serge's brother showing him tossing handfuls of dollar bills onto bewildered rotunda onlookers as he rides down an escalator (pay attention to the upper left corner of the footage):

After he was finished doing his best to spread holiday cheer, Serge had to deal with MOA security. Here's a clip of him arguing with a guard who was apparently none too impressed by his generosity:

In a video blog, Serge explains why he did it. Here's a partial transcript, followed by the video:

I had a really tough year. And my story is that, I just threw out my last $1,000. You know, I don't have enough money for a lot of things and I'm going through a horrible divorce and she even took the cat and won't tell me where it is. And I thought I'd just spread some holiday cheer, be positive, and kind of like pay it forward type of thing, and make it snow money when they sang "Let It Snow." I thought it'd be fun.

Security didn't like it, they gave me a citation, but either way, I think all the people down there enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, I thought it was fun, and I think the singers enjoyed it judging by the video. So I think it went well, and then security let me go when they said they had confirmation that nobody got hurt, no people did any stupid things jumping over the fence or something for the money.

So they didn't hold me liable, they just gave me a citation for disorderly conduct, which, you know, I don't see how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct, but... I think I made it more fun and if you think so too comment [on the video], like it, and agree and help me fight this. But I hope that kinda gives a little explanation, I hope you all understand what happened, and happy holidays everyone from Serge The Car Hauler [that's Vorobyov's YouTube handle].

Serge has been heavily hyping his "pay it forward" stunt on his Facebook page, but as these comments indicate, some of his "friends" question his motivations:

Serge Vorobyov makes it rain money on Mall of America rotunda [VIDEOS]

You can make it rain cash whenever and wherever you want as far as we're concerned, Serge. Just please give us a heads up so we can cover it (and maybe walk away with a dollar bill or ten in the process).

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