Senate wastes no time posting Franken office plaque

It's like the Democrats had everything ready for the moment Al Franken was finally considered Minnesota's senator-elect.

Less than 24 hours after Norm Coleman conceded based on a state Supreme Court ruling in Franken's favor, the office that used to house Coleman's staff already has Franken's plaque on it.

This isn't necessarily a "Minnesota" office, but it's likely he received Coleman's space because his staff got some extra time in the office to finish things up. Remember when they just thought they could keep on working after Coleman's term ended? All of the other senators were busy moving in and out then.

Franken isn't senator just yet... He has the election certificate signed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, but he won't be sworn is as senator until early next week. We hope he already has the senate business cards printed up too. Wouldn't want to waste any time being a nobody.

(via Talking Points Memo)

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