Senate recount: The lies, suspicion continues


The weekend brought more concerns about the Senate recount and several journalists trying to dispel myths that are being continuously repeated through the media. Norm Coleman and Al Franken have a long recount ahead of them.

Coleman's campaign issued more concerns and more reasons to believe this whole system will be flawed, particularly if Franken ends up winning.

From Pioneer Press:

Fritz Knaak, Coleman's top attorney for the recount, said Ritchie needs to assure Republicans. "The supercharged environment we're in leads us to suspect everything," Knaak said. "Secretary of State Ritchie needs to reassure us."

"It seems like every day, the Coleman campaign comes up with some new baseless charge," Franken's spokesman Andy Barr said in response.

Franken might not be a winner now or ever, but he isn't about to miss his time out at the Capitol to meet potential new coworkers. He will be out in Washington D.C. this week to meet with Democratic leaders, according to the Star Tribune. He will not attend Senate orientation.

Media Matters has a long piece on all of the false or misleading reports around the country about the Senate recount. This includes misleading reports in the New York Times and NBC where Minnesota was compared to the Florida debacle.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty was on Fox this weekend talking about the recount. He finally admitted that the "ballots in the car" story was not correct despite using the story for days after it was proven false. He also said that "as of this moment we know of no actual evidence of wrongdoing or fraud in the process." Watch video here. (via)

Apparently Bill O'Reilly didn't know that Pawlenty denounced concerns about fraud in the recount process. In this video he says Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is "actively rooting for Al Franken" and "the fix is in".

Watch the video:

Keep the drama coming!