Senate recount starts from zero


After two weeks of bickering and finger pointing, the state canvassing board is expected to certify the election results before the official recount starts tomorrow. On Monday, Norm Coleman's lead went up nine votes to 215 after an audit of random precincts in the state, according to the Pioneer Press.

"The number will start at zero and will go up near 3 million," Ritchie said Monday.

Starting Wednesday, election officials in government centers, courthouses, city halls and city council chambers will start placing the 2.9 million ballots into stacks of 25. There will be a Franken pile, a Coleman pile, an "other" pile of votes for neither Franken nor Coleman and a challenged pile. The challenged pile will be forwarded to the secretary of state's office for consideration by the canvassing board in mid-December.

Even if the sorting of ballots is dull, the process is expected to prompt impassioned comment. Some of that will be on display today at the canvassing board meeting.

Check out the rest of the PiPress story for full details on the recount process.

Yesterday, Al Franken requested that the board look at rejected absentee votes before certifying the results. Coleman's campaign said this process was about votes cast and counted, not rejected ballots.

As the recount turns...